Bit Bikes

  Bit Bikes are unique 1 of 1 pixel art images of dirt bike racers, that make up the SuperCryptoCross collection created by me and my Brother.  No two are identical.  Early on we accidentally created two #4's but that extra token was quickly burned.  We would like to produce 5000 of these but that would probably take us till the end of time.  These are not algorithmically created but instead hand made 1 at a time.  Hope you like the project.  We created these to immortalize our awesome father who has about 800 VHS tapes (rough estimate) and DVD's of almost the entire history of dirt bike racing that he recorded himself.  More recently DVR has replaced the need for that, but the collection of pre DVR motorcross/supercross footage exists to this day at our Dad's house.  


   Naturally when we first learned about NFT's the thought of making something to do with motocross/supercross came to mind.  After a little searching, it didn't take long to see that nothing of the sort existed at the time.  So we made something that we ourselves would like to collect.    Thank you for taking an interest in our collection.  




  1. I LOVE these Bitbikes! You guys have got to get on Twitter and make a name for yourself! The World is going to go wild over these - Super thankful to be an early supporter.

    1. Got a twitter just now @cryptocross1 (I think) hit us up on there. Big plans ahead. I have hardly slept.

  2. Looks like I joined to late.

    Don't see any left on market I like for less than 100 bucks lol

    1. I released new batch overnight, should be some good options in there. They do not last long under 10 dollars thats for sure, but we try to keep sub 10 dollar bikes on the market so more people can get involved! Either way thanks for the comment and we appreciate the interest!

    2. grabbed a few. Would love to get some I see in your wallet. Hit me on discord catfresh#2903

    3. What's up? Thanks catfresh, I minted a few assets into your wallet, let me know if you are interested in the block stars I have been giving some of those to cryptocross holders as well, but then I realized that you have to be careful about giving away things that people have not shown any interest in. Verified collection. As for the Jordan bit bike I assume you are talking about, I plan to hold that for a little while cause it looks cool next to my #23 Airfox Kog lol. I'll try to find you on discord to discuss it further. Thanks again for the support!!

    4. Yessir!

      Love what your doing and you will have a long term supporter with the bikes.

      Huge fan of the bikes, also the handheld you sent is pretty cool.

      Unsure what the block star is?

      You've a twitter or somewhere else besides here easy to chat with you?

      @catfreshent is me twitter


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