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  Everything you need to know for race day!  Good luck, and have a great ride out there.   1 - Bit Bikes    Unique 1 of 1 dirt bike racers  First #100 veteran riders are available now! .  Look out for new rookie riders updated regularly!  447 in total.  2- Trophies       10 gold trophies (champions)   Silver trophies  2nd place (quantity tbd)  Bronze 3rd                                place podium spot (quantity tbd)  3- Tracks                    Rd. 1    Skyler Lake     22 riders will compete in all out war for supremacy.  Get your access pass                         now!         Rd. 2.    Willow Tree     Come on down to the local track  4:30 March 3rd 2021  (sponsored by                                                      Rex's  Factory & Customs!       Rd 3.      Lincoln County    Successful Race down to the finish!  Block Starz first appearance.              Rd 4.      Rex Raceway     Great weekend of racing action. Click for more!               Rd 5.     Snyder Arena    T

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