Block Stars

 The Greatest, Heaviest, Narliest and Coolest collection of Blockchain Rockstars. Collect band members, listen to original tracks and dominate the stage! BLOCK ON! 

AIR DROPPED to holders of SUPER CRYPTO CROSS assets! 

We are currently working towards getting this collection whitelisted on atomichub!    check your accounts many cryptocross1 holders already have several of these in your collection 

p.s. thanks SVEN!!

First Appearance  (Lincoln County round 3) 

Albums with Original Tracks


  1. Ohh, block stars!

    These looks amazing! P.s. you didn't send me one lol? .agb.wam

  2. My man! Thanks a bunch. These are tight. Telling all my friends about them now. Big love!

  3. So, I just bought up a bunch of blockstarrzz.

    Do you know how to create a drop on atomichub? I believe all of your NFT's would sell out very quickly if you utilized drops.

    1. finally getting to that two years later lol. Its going well. Got a lot of plans and this project is not about to die anytime soon! Thanks for the support!


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