Thank You!

   First Bit Bikes have sold!  Special thank you to the man, the myth the legend FVFQU.WAM for picking up the first tokens.  You know a good thing when you see it!  

   The first 30 Bit Bikes... are accidentally burnable.  That's before I knew about templates.  So literally on number 31 I was able to make that non burnable and labeled as a one of one correctly.  But rest assured that all of these will be unique singles, regardless what the damn little card says.  you can simply go into the collection and check for yourself.    Also will not be posting these on any other blockchain.  I like ETH and all, and was just learning about that when I found WAX, and I must say this market place and ecosystem will certainly grow!!!    Very well done!     

         Have some really cool ones (bit bikes) that have been saved back and also verification process has begun.  (fingers crossed)    I love looking at these hope you do to.   Can't wait to show Dad the collection when we go down to visit at the end of March.  Its going to be hilarious trying to explain to him what the f%ck is an NFT and why the f%ck is his name on the internet?  lol.  Anyway, THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

-Super CryptoCross


  1. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to seeing more of your content. I absolutely LOVE these Bitbikes with or without the templates set and am hoping to find more on the marketplace soon!

    Looking at them in 8bit brings me a nostalgic feeling of many years ago and the bikes are just too rad to not appreciate - GREAT work here at WAX and we are MOST happy to have you. Send the best to your pops! Goodluck & Godspeed.

    1. Really appreciate that. I was born in the early 80s and know what you mean nostalgia wise. We have a good handful of really badass ones in the bag but we really want to just sprinkle those in sparingly. I will be sure to MINT an epic one straight to you account at some point. I think the mud one is super cool and I strangely already feel like Bit Bike #1 will be a classic! We will get to spreading the word on the project and I believe that these things will appreciate in value. -Side note, Pops plate number was always 447 so that's where the initial pricing comes from.

    2. This is great to hear! I have full confidence in this project and the artististic impressions curating these pieces the same. I am SURE you will see and hear more of me. Buying BitBike #1 meant the WORLD to me and it INSTANTLY had me attached as soon as it was mine.. I am willing to bet the same as you on it becoming a classic and I can assure you my hands are the STRONGEST.

      Atomics notifications have been broken for some days now but I am going to send you a trade offer with memo - CHECK IT!

      PS - I KNEW thats why you had picked 447.. I just couldnt place it at first but then realized that between the variations of those three numbers there HAD to be a meaning to it! Great minds think alike. (:


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