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  Everything you need to know for race day!  Good luck, and have a great ride out there.  

1 - Bit Bikes   Unique 1 of 1 dirt bike racers  First #100 veteran riders are available now!.  Look out for new rookie riders updated regularly!  447 in total. 

2- Trophies      10 gold trophies (champions)   Silver trophies  2nd place (quantity tbd)  Bronze 3rd                                place podium spot (quantity tbd) 

3- Tracks          

        Rd. 1    Skyler Lake    22 riders will compete in all out war for supremacy.  Get your access pass                         now!  

      Rd. 2.    Willow Tree    Come on down to the local track  4:30 March 3rd 2021  (sponsored by                                                      Rex's  Factory & Customs!

      Rd 3.     Lincoln County   Successful Race down to the finish!  Block Starz first appearance. 


      Rd 4.     Rex Raceway    Great weekend of racing action. Click for more! 


      Rd 5.     Snyder Arena    TBD

      Rd 6.     FMJ Arena   TBD

      Rd 7.     TBD

      Rd 8.     TBD

4- The Shop        Rex's Custom Bike shop OPEN NOW

5- Media Coverage    CRT RACER MAGAZINE

 Created by Damon and Travis Warlick



Damon Warlick

Travis Warlick