What are NFT's?

 Bit Bikes are what's known as NFT's (non fungible tokens)  

What do NFT's do? 

 It's basically a way to verify ownership or authenticity of a digital asset.  

     A rising phenomenon, you may have heard of such things as NBA TOP SHOTS,  Digital Garbage Pail Kids or Crypto Punks.  


     CryptoPunks were born in 2017 and are the first NFT's ever created.  It is possible and actually quite simple to distinguish a real authentic punk from a fake.   They are simply image files, but the difference is that they are tied to the ethereum blockchain and the record of ownership, origin and complete history are public and known.   This ability to put digital files on blockchains, makes it now possible to trade limited digital artworks and many other things and know you have more than simply a copy and pasted version, but instead something that can have finite supply.  Each crypto punk for example is one of one.   

Ethereum is not the only blockchain where NFT's are possible to create,  WAX is also another chain which is focused solely around this function.  Here is a market place for such NFT's on the Wax blockchain.   Atomic Hub.   Its quite simple to take a look, create a wallet, grab some Wax tokens and purchase  your first piece of digital and scarce art or collectible in a matter of minutes!



Damon Warlick

Travis Warlick