The Total Supply

 We have decided after much debating, that there will be exactly 447 original Bit Bikes minted.  Our Dad's number was always 447 and so its just a no brainer for us that we almost have to make that many with the last bike being his likeness.   I think we probably need more bikes for more people to get involved but we have tracks and magazines and trophies and gear as supplemental assets to the collection.  I have been learning c# and tinkering with the possibilities of a Super Crypto Cross game.  I think this would take a while to get it like I would like it, but I have learned that most things can be accomplished if you really want it.  We have majorly slowed down the release of the Bit Bikes now that we have a nice foundation of assets to collect and trade.  This way, the project can stay relevant for a long time, and if we can get a game out there, then look out!  Thanks for all the support and it has been great being involved in this NFT space!  You guys are the best. 

- Damon Warlick

#447 Jeff Warlick



Damon Warlick

Travis Warlick