Monster Energy Supercross Round 6: Lawrence and Webb Take the Wins in Thrilling Races

 Tampa Bay, Florida – The sixth round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross saw two thrilling races that left fans on the edge of their seats. In the 250 East Coast class, Nathan Thrasher and Hunter Lawrence engaged in a close battle that came down to the wire. Thrasher took an early lead and led comfortably for much of the race, but Lawrence fought his way back and made a last-corner pass to take the win in a split-second photo finish.

 In the 450 class, Eli Tomac struggled with the sandy, whoop packed Tampa Bay track, while Chase Sexton looked to run away with the race. Sexton had the best qualifying times and got a good start, taking an early lead. However, Cooper Webb started near the front and made quick work of the other riders, staying hard on Sexton for most of the race and even taking the lead at one point. With just a few laps remaining, Sexton lost control and wiped out in the whoops, allowing Webb to take the lead and hold on for the win.

  The 250 East Coast class has featured some close battles and nail-biting finishes, and the race between Thrasher and Lawrence was no exception. Hunter was bumped off the track early on, but he fought his way back and made the block pass on Thrasher in the final turn to take the win. It takes a lot of skill and determination to be able to make a comeback like that and come out on top, and Hunter's performance was impressive.

  The 450 class is always highly competitive, and the battle for the win was intense. Cooper Webb's performance was impressive, making quick work of the other riders and challenging for the lead. To be able to perform at that level and come out on top takes a lot of skill, speed and determination.

  The sixth round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross was a great success, with two epic races that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The talented riders pushed each other to the limit, providing non-stop action and excitement. Great job to all the riders for putting on a fantastic show!



Damon Warlick

Travis Warlick