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Super Crypto Cross is back! After a brief hiatus, the team behind this innovative project is thrilled to announce the creation of new NFTs and the continuation of the project.

The goal of Super Crypto Cross is to finish all existing schemas and have a finished NFT project by completing the 10 tracks, 10 unique helmet designs, and to finish the creation of the 447 unique bit bikes. This project is important to us and life has gotten in the way for a little while but....IT WILL BE DONE.  Seems like most collections are never ending, this one is a set that can be completed for the most part if one were so inclined.   Although it would be impossible to have all the bit bikes, you could collect one of each , helmet design, track and trophy if you really wanted to.  We would like to promote S.C.C. in other ways instead of forever releasing new NFTs on this project. 

In addition to the completion of these schemas, Super Crypto Cross will also be completing the remainder of the 10 editions of the CRT Racer Magazine. This magazine will provide fans with behind-the-scenes access to the project and showcase the artwork, design, and creativity that goes into each NFT.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Super Crypto Cross and can't wait to share our progress with fans and followers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue on this journey!


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