Nefty Drops: Super Crypto Cross and the Block Stars



  Super Crypto Cross and The Block Stars collection have finally embraced the drop feature of Wax NFT's. 

You can find both projects in the links below. 

Crypto Cross :

Block Stars :

Drops are a way to distribute NFT's at a base cost when they initially are minted and introduced into the collectors hands.   Drops can be gated for specific users or available to all.  Usually there will be information on the whitelist requirements or special instructions on how to obtain the NFT you are trying to collect.   Contact @cryptocross1 on twitter or leave a comment below if you have any questions.   

   If you are interested in any of our projects just know that we are working hard to continue to bring value and create the coolest art that we can.   We enjoy doing this very much and there are many new ideas coming down the pipeline.   We hope that anyone who joins our family of collectors ends up happy that they did so,  and has as much fun with it as we do.  



Damon Warlick

Travis Warlick